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999 Necklace

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999 - Release

It's time to let go of what is no longer serving you.

Angels speak to us in synchronistic ways, angels numbers are meant to be secret signs or messages of reassurance, and guidance.  In numerology, numbers are thought of as energy that fluctuates and changes in real-time. Your own birthdate contains a unique numeric information that can tell you more about yourself, as does every other number you encounter in your life. Angel numbers are a gentle and loving sign to build trust in your own spiritual connection. 

These necklaces are made out of stainless steel and adorned with rhinestones. These dainty necklaces make a positive statement and are great to layer or wear alone. Perfect to pair with any of our Zodiac Necklaces. Give a gift that is meaningful and unique with this number necklace, available in 111-999. Available in Silver or Gold.


Made out of stainless steel with little rhinetones.

Care Instructions

Can be worn in the water, if you are a restless sleeper we suggest taking it off to sleep. Can be washed with any dish soap to remove any dirt or wear.

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