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Pink Signature Angelic Butterfly Sweatsuit

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Pink Signature Angelic Butterfly Sweatsuit

*recommended to size up if you aren’t sure on sizing, as they fit a bit smaller* 

This sweatsuit set has a cropped hoodie and sweat pants. Both the cropped hoodie and sweat pants have draw strings and pockets. They are made out of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, also containing cashmere. 320gsm. The cropped hoodie has “angelic” with a butterfly embroidered onto the front with rhinestones around it. The sweatpants also has the same design on the back of the sweat pants, as well as a little embroidered butterfly on the front with rhinestones as well. All sweatsuits come in a frosted resealable bag that you can reuse :)


**care instructions**

to keep the sweatsuit in good shape its recommended to wash it on cold inside out and HANG to dry!! it will shrink a bit if thrown into dryer and the rhinestones wont last as long!